Christopher's Music

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Watch Movie Here

To Love A Mexican

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La La Land

Now in post-production, a feature film. Description, images and trailer coming soon.

A Restless Man

Now filming, a short documentary of Oklahoma Pioneer Bill Fossett.


Mother of Mine

Now filming, a feature film Horror.

Description and images coming soon.  

Diane Kern

Diane formed Wintershine Productions in 2003.  She has since made 2 feature films (To Love a Mexican & Bloom), 1 documentary (Christopher's Music)  and is now in production for another feature film (La La Land)  and a mini documentary ( A Restless Man).

She also has 2 full feature films in pre-production ( One Lie and an untitled horror)Together, her crew and actors have won multiple awards.

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AOF Film Festival Award show for Bloom

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